Soprano Cornetti

The Vienna Collection has a rich selection of curved soprano cornetti. These four instruments are high pitched, with an A around 470 Hz. according to most players, but this can change in both directions according to the player's mouthpiece and playing technique.

Bellow there is a brief description of these four instruments.

SAM 230

Left-curved soprano cornetto with its original mouthpiece still attached.

Instrument’s length: 573,6 mm.

This is an extraordinary instrument. For a full description please read here.

SAM 231

Right-curved soprano cornetto.

Instrument’s length: 573,1 mm.

SAM 234

Left-curved soprano cornetto.

Instrument’s length: 570,6 mm.

SAM 236

Right-curved soprano cornetto with a very curious shrinking at the lower end of its bore.

Instrument’s length: 585,8 mm.

Source of the measurements and pictures: Beatrix Darmstädter, "Die Zinken und der Serpent der Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente“, Edition Bochinsky, 2011, ISBN 978-3-941532-08-3

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